Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for PersonalizedLines

PersonalizedLines (also known as "we", "us") wants to inform you in this policy about how we process your personal data and rights. Personal information is information that can be linked to you as an individual, such as your name and your contact information. We strive to comply with the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Automatic data collection

By using this website, we collect information about the use of our services in order to create a good user experience and provide relevant information in marketing. The information is stored in an anonymised state, which means that it is not bound to any personal information.

Example of what is being stored:

  • Information regarding your browser, and type of device.
  • What location you are using our services from.
  • How you interact with our services, and what content you see, and when.
  • Information regarding your internet service provider.

Manually provided personal information

When you create an account, purchase, request information or otherwise interact with us, we may request information in order to fulfill your request. PersonalizedLines processes personal data in order to fulfill our contractual obligations and to comply with legal obligations. In addition, we process personal data in order to strive for our legitimate interest in maintaining and developing our business. 

Example of what we may ask for:

  • Your Name.
  • Your email address.
  • Your and street address, and phone number.
  • In specific cases usernames and passwords, feedback, age, gender, and language.

Data processing for payments

An important part of the services provided by us is to be able to buy our goods and services. We do this with the help of partners that we have carefully evaluated in terms of safety and compliance.

PersonalizedLines never stores or processes information such as, but not limited to, credit card numbers or bank accounts. All such information entered on our website or as part of our services is processed only by the payment portal.

Legitimate grounds for processing personal data

  • Providing products and services – We may use your personal data to provide you with our Services and to ship and deliver products you have requested or ordered, to process your requests or as otherwise may be necessary to perform the contract between you and us, to ensure the functionality and security of our services and correct delivery, to identify you as well as to prevent and investigate fraud and other misuses.
  • Communication – We may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example to inform you that our Services have changed or to send you critical alerts and other such notices relating to our Services and Products and to contact you for any sales related purposes.
  • Marketing – advertising and making recommendations: With your consent, with acceptance of our terms & policies, or when otherwise allowed, we may contact you to inform you of new Products, Services or promotions we may offer and to conduct market research. We may also use your personal data to personalise our offering and to provide you with more relevant Services and to display customized content and advertising in our Services. This may also include displaying third party content. 

Sharing personal information

We will never sell or rent your personal information and may only disclose your personal information to third parties in the circumstances set out below.

  • Mandatory tasks.

We may access, disclose and retain your personal information when we believe it is necessary to: (1) comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process from competent authorities, including law enforcement or other authorities. : (2) protect our customers (eg from spam or fraud and / or prevent serious personal injury or loss of life): (3) manage and maintain the security of our services, including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or network: or (4) protect the rights or ownership of PersonalizedLines, including maintaining the terms of use of the Services, possibly in cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

  • Mergers and acquisitions.

If PersonalizedLines is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, we may transfer personal information to the third party involved. However, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data.

  • Your consent and social sharing services.

We may share your personal information if we have your consent to it or if you have specifically requested it.

Your rights regarding personal data

The individual's right to delete personal data

Upon request, individuals have the right to be "forgotten" under the General Data Protection Regulation. This right shall be exercised if you wish to remove any information not required by other applicable laws or regulations. Examples of such information include, but are not limited to, financial transaction information and order information.

We will respond to such requests within a reasonable time and in a manner that removes applicable information.

You can exercise the right and opt out at any time using the tools and services provided by our partners, including "unsubscribe links". Contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) if you have any questions.

The individual's right to access personal data and portability

Upon request, individuals have the right to request all registers of personal data that we currently store in a standard and machine-readable format. Contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) if you have any questions.

The individual's right to correction of personal data

Upon request, individuals have the right to submit corrections where applicable within the information stored about them. Upon request, we will update records and correct them within a reasonable time. Contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer) if you have any questions.

Protection of personal data

We store and process personal data on third party providers' servers ("Data Hosting Providers") which we have evaluated to have state-of-the-art security measures and which comply with applicable laws and restrictions. Such servers exist in the European Union. We have strict internal policies and guidelines for addressing privacy and security issues (proactive and reactive risk management, security and privacy technology and assessments). We take appropriate measures to address the risk of data loss and other possible risks associated with the processing and nature of the data being protected. We also restrict access to our databases containing personal data only to authorized persons who have a legitimate need to access such information.

International transfer of personal data

By using the services, you give us your consent to store, process and transfer your personal data that we have collected outside your home country to the countries where the data host providers' servers are located.

In some cases, you may use our services in a country other than where the data host providers' servers are located and therefore your personal data may be transferred across international borders outside the country where you use our services, including from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In such cases, we ensure that there is a legal basis for such transfer and that adequate protection of your personal data is provided in accordance with applicable law, for example by using standard agreements approved by relevant authorities (where necessary) and by requiring the use of other appropriate technical and organizational information security measures.

Storage Period

We do not store personal data longer than is legally permitted and necessary for the purposes of providing our services. The storage period depends on the nature of the information and the purposes of processing. The maximum period may therefore vary per use